Small Meetings

Planning a small meeting in North Dakota? Have you done this before? Do you know what it takes to plan a day packed with tight schedules, speakers, snack breaks, lunch, audio/visual equipment and more? We’ve taken the time to list a few steps you should think about taking when planning your next small meeting in North Dakota, whether it be Fargo-Moorhead, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot or elsewhere.

Large meetings or conferences require extensive planning with demanding catering needs, sometimes with many people and usually only happen once or twice each year. However, smaller meetings will occur on a monthly basis, even weekly in some cases. These small meetings are much more casual and do not have near the detailed planning that larger meetings do, however we recommend that you do not neglect the small stuff as a minor slip up when planning a smaller meeting is all it takes to ruin the day. 

Is A Meeting The Best Option?

Is a small meeting really necessary? Well, have you ever tried to have a meeting in your office with more than one or two individuals and accomplish much? Distractions are everywhere. Phone calls, emails, co-workers stopping in and out of your office. Planning a small, offsite meeting resets the concentration level for those involved and you’ll be able to accomplish much more by having these on a regular basis rather than trying to do everything at your office location where distractions are almost a guarantee. 

What Should This Meeting Accomplish?

Do you have an agenda ready? Have you emailed co-workers or employees beforehand asking which items they’d like to see discussed at the meeting? Are you keeping the meeting informal where topics discussed are at random? If your meeting needs to have structure so you can accomplish everything you need to accomplish within the time frame of your meeting, than it might be best to do some “pre-meeting” planning to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

When And Where?

Whichever venue you choose in North Dakota, it must be comfortable and appropriate for the small meeting at hand. You might be having a simple and short breakfast meeting in Fargo or a mid-afternoon Monday meeting in Bismarck, either way you need a venue to meet your needs and time preferences. Book early. Hotel meeting space tends to fill up early, especially if you’re choosing a location popular for larger functions or statewide events. Its always best practice to confirm with those you expect to attend that they have no conflicts or even have them RSVP via a calendar invite. 

How Can North Dakota Catering & Event Services Help Me?

If you’re trying to plan a small meeting in North Dakota, feel free to browse this site for preferred catering companies and venue locations that will be able to help you plan effectively. We make it easy for people to find what they need for their next event, whether it be in Fargo, Moorhead, Bismarck, Minot and beyond.

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