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    Vocal Point Photogetry Fargo North Dakota

    Out of the deep woods comes a keen eye, Jesse Olson. Originally from the quaint town of Gully, MN (population 66), Olson is a self-taught photographer. In his spare time, Olson also enjoys writing poetry, painting, playing guitar, and singing. His ways of evoking emotion by highlighting nature’s true beauty even earned him a spot in publications such as Red Weather and Prairie Fire. He graduated with honors from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2013 and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. He majored in psychology and minored creative writing. He wants to be able to inspire people to admire the small things in life and use their creativity, as it can be used as a way of healing. Olson was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease in 2005 and is very thankful to be alive after many different struggles over the years. His goal as an artist is to not only bring people peace and tranquility, but also, help people find their inner creativity. Olson believes that he was bit by a deer tick for a reason—to appreciate the small things—and most of all remind him that life is way too short to not enjoy it.

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    • Contact Name :Jesse Olson
    • Phone : 218-688-1164
    • Address : 114 Broadway, Fargo, North Dakota 58102
    • Website : www.facebook.com/vocalpointphotogetry

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